Israel, 22 April, 2024 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu affirmed Israel’s sovereign right to determine its response to Iran’s recent aerial assault, dismissing appeals for restraint from key allies. The unprecedented attack by Iran has left Israel and the region on edge, raising concerns of further escalation following months of conflict in Gaza.

Despite diplomatic pressure urging caution, Netanyahu emphasized Israel’s commitment to safeguarding its security in the face of threats. Meanwhile, Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi issued a stern warning against any retaliatory action, declaring that even the slightest incursion into Iranian territory would elicit a severe response.

Over the weekend, Iran launched a barrage of missiles and drones at Israel following an alleged Israeli strike that resulted in the deaths of two Iranian generals. The incident marked Iran’s first direct military confrontation with Israel, signaling a dangerous escalation in the ongoing shadow war between the two nations.

As tensions mount, international efforts to defuse the crisis have intensified, with calls for de-escalation echoing from various quarters. However, the situation remains volatile, with the specter of a wider conflict looming large over the region.