IBM partners with new chipmaker Rapidus to make up lost ground

TOKYO: IBM Corp. claims that it is collaborating with Rapidus a recently established chipmaker sponsored by the Japanese government. To assist it to produce the most cutting-edge chips presently on the market.

The move comes at a time when relations between the United States and China are still tight. Particularly over chips, and Washington recently limited Beijing’s access to cutting-edge semiconductor technology.

Japan, which has long since lost its competitive edge in chip production, is currently racing to catch up. In order to ensure that its automakers and IT firms never run out of the essential component.

Japan announced last month that it would make a first 70 billion yen ($500 million or RM2.2 billion) investment in the Rapidus initiative. Which is being led by tech companies Sony Group Corp. and NEC Corp.

Even while that amount is little. Compared to the tens of billions of dollars it can cost to develop a chip manufacturing factory. Industry sources have said that additional investments are imminent.

Dario Gil, director of research at International Business Machines Corp., stated that the two businesses will collaborate to produce IBM’s alleged 2-nanometer-node processors.

In the semiconductor industry, a “nanometer,” or one billionth of a meter, now refers to a particular technology rather than the measurement. In general, a chip is more advanced the lower the number before the word “nanometer.” According to him, “Japan has significant strengths in the semiconductor industry. And a global leader in terms of materials and equipment.”


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